Seven fruits to totally de-bloat your tum after the excess of summer

Summer is over – and therefore so are cheeky Tuesday pints, giant barbecues and sweet treats.

There’s something about September too that is the gentler, autumnal alternative to January.

And while at this time of year we may not quite have the same focus on those pesky new-year-new-you resolutions, it’s not a bad month to get into some great habits.

A good start? A serious post-summer fruit salad to help you de-bloat and get your diet back on track.

In fact, this bowl of goodness contains ingredients scientifically proven to help you deflate.

Flat tums, here we come!

What you need…

  • Papaya, cut into chunks
  • Pineapple, cut into chunks
  • Banana, sliced
  • Melon, cut into chunks
  • Some mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • One avocado
  • Fresh lemon juice

1. Mix the papaya, pineapple, banana and melon in large bowl.

2. Slice half of the avocado into 1cm cubes, and toss with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Set other half of the avocado and the rest of the lemon juice aside.

3. Top bowl of fruit with the berries and avocado.

4. Mash the remaining avocado and lemon juice.

5. Serve your fruit salad in small bowls, and drizzle with a teaspoon of the avocado-lemon sauce. 

What the ingredients do…

Pineapple: contain an enzyme called bromelain that helps break down hard-to-digest protein. That means there'll be less gas in your stomach.

Banana: In moderation, bananas can help you de-bloat because they're loaded with potassium, a mineral that flushes excess water out of your system. They’re particularly great if you've consumed lots of salt, which in itself makes you hold on to water.

Melon: Also high in potassium and water. The H2O content pushes the extra fluid out of your body so you can slim down.

Papaya: Contains an enzyme called papain, which helps us to break down food, especially protein, and improves digestion. Plus, papain is a diuretic that can help you get rid of those nasty excess fluids.

Avocado: Loaded with healthy fats that help you absorb the vitamins and minerals in the other fruits in this salad. In particular, Avocado boasts monounsaturated fats which have also been linked to burning excess belly fat.

Berries: Since berries are lower in sugar and calories than most fruits, they won't cause you to hold onto the extra water that makes you bloat.