Sensory-friendly sessions introduced at ‘Bricktionary: the interactive Lego brick exhibition’

The new sensory-friendly hours, which will kick off from next Wednesday May 8th, will cater to Neurodiverse individuals, including people with autism, and will run every Wednesday morning from 11am to 1pm, and every Friday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm

‘Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO Brick Exhibition’ in Dublin, already a massive hit with LEGO brick lovers of all ages since its opening here in March, is proud to announce the introduction of sensory-friendly hours, catering to neurodiverse individuals, including people with autism. Recognising the diverse needs of visitors, this initiative aims to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all LEGO brick enthusiasts. Or perhaps those with sensitive sensory needs who are looking for new Dublin experiences.

LEGO brick building has long been cherished by many autistic individuals and children as a therapeutic outlet, often providing a calming and engaging release during times of overstimulation. As they immerse themselves in the world of LEGO brick building, they often find solace and relaxation, while allowing their creativity to flourish. Equally LEGO brick building has long been praised as a brilliant play-learning option for children, as they must both get creative, while also strategically think and plan about the structure and dynamics of what they plan to build.

Bricktionary’s new sensory-friendly hours will offer a modified experience, helping to provide a comfortable visit for all participants, including those sensitive to certain stimuli. Changes to the environment will include:

  • Dimmed lighting to reduce visual stimulation
  • Elimination of background music to minimise auditory distractions
  • Reduced capacity per hour to create a quieter and more spacious atmosphere
  • Sensory stations with tactile materials for those who may benefit from additional sensory input
  • Staff members available to assist, guide and accommodate visitors (note however that they are not trained special needs therapists and all children must have an appropriate guardian with them at all times)
  • A special ‘quiet zone’ will be added for those who may need a moment to relax in a private, quiet area

Ryan 'Brickman' McNaught, the creative force behind ‘Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO Brick Exhibition’, expressed his enthusiasm for this inclusive initiative, stating, "LEGO building has always been about fostering creativity and joy for people of all ages and abilities. We are thrilled to introduce these sensory-friendly hours to our Dublin experience, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of LEGO building in a supportive environment."

Dan Gleeson, Co-owner of Dublin's Theatre of Light which hosts the experience, echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of accessibility in Irish entertainment venues. "At the Theatre of Light, we strive to create experiences that resonate with all members of our community. The introduction of sensory-friendly hours reflects our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. ‘Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO Brick Exhibition' within the Theatre of Light is also fully accessible for wheelchair users".

Created by one of the world’s leading LEGO® brick artists and only LEGO® Certified Professional (LCP) in the Southern Hemisphere, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught. ‘Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO Brick Exhibition’ currently in Dublin features over 150 models from Ryan’s bestselling book ‘The Bricktionary Ultimate A-Z of LEGO®’, as well as models from the much-loved television series ‘LEGO® Masters Australia’. The exhibition also includes 45 LEGO® brick models from the imaginations of The Brickman team, ranging from life-size animals to space travel, to fashion. Built to inspire the imaginations of LEGO® fans of all ages, the experience also boasts 6 interactive build zones.

Sensory-friendly hours at ‘Bricktionary

The Interactive LEGO Brick Exhibition’ will run every Wednesday morning from 11am to 1pm, and every Friday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm, kicking off from next Wednesday May 8th. The latter timeslot was chosen to help accommodate parents who may wish to bring their sensory sensitive children straight from school. These new time slots will provide individuals and families with the opportunity to explore this amazing exhibit, which has previously been a huge hit right across the globe, in a relaxed setting.

Everyone is different

Just remember, if something is advertised as a sensory or autism-friendly event, you should do your best to check what accommodations are offered, and that they fit you or your child’s specific needs. Neurodiverse needs vary hugely among individuals, so these sensory friendly hours may be suitable for many autistic or neurodiverse people, but may not accommodate your needs or your child’s specific needs. Check the website here for more details on this specific event, to help guide your decision.

Tickets are priced at:

  • Adult ticket from €15 (ex-fees)
  • Child ticket (0-17 years) from €12 (ex-fees)
  • Under 3’s are free
  • Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) from €45 (ex-fees)

‘Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO® Brick Exhibition’ is open in the Theatre of Light, Point Village, Dublin 1. Tickets are on sale here now.