Selena Gomez living in fear after terrifying stalker incident


Poor Selena Gomez.

It seems as though she still hasn’t gotten over the terror of having her stalker show up to her home earlier this year.

According to TMZ, the 22-year-old is so scared after the ordeal that she has called the police to her home three times recently fearing that she has been broken into.

In the latest incident this weekend, Selena made the call after coming home to find her doors unlocked.

When police turned up at her door however, they discovered that it was a false alarm – and Selena had just forgotten to lock the doors herself.

We certainly can’t blame Selena for being a bit nervous of intruders.

The Wizards of Waverley Place star was left shaken after stalker Che Cruz broke into her Calabasas home earlier this year. The 20-year-old was arrested and placed in a mental health facility after the incident, with Selena going on to install a high tech gate system around her mansion.

Let’s hope she never has to make such a terrifying call to the authorities again.