Good girl no more: Selena bares it ALL in a new Instagram snap


Selena took to Twitter to release the artwork for her newest album, entitled Revival, set to be released on October 9th.

The former Disney Channel star looks to be getting back to basics as she bares it all on the cover of her latest project. The album has been highly anticipated and Selena teased the release of the cover with a different message before posting the more revealing shot.



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Stripping down to nothing but her underwear Selena certianly seems redy to shed her good girl image.

She spoke to Ryan Secrest recently about what to expect from her new tracks, and said she is excited to show them off to her fans. The brunette beauty confessed that she knows she may not be the most talented songstress out there but that won’t hold her back.

“I'm not the best singer in the world, but I know how to translate emotion…I'm just finding my strengths now as an artist.”

During their sit-down chat she added: “It's just kind of not try-hard. It's just perfect. I think, to me, that was exactly what I want people to see for the next chapter for me.”

After her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber confessed that he still hasn’t healed from their break up, people are curious as to how much of that split fuelled Selena’s music… but she says it's definitely not a heartbreak album.

"I think there's hints of it, but I think what I was really excited about was the title of the album and the rebirth of Selena.”

She added that this album is really focused on her own rebirth as an individual.

“It’s just my chance to just feel like an independent artist… It’s all about my journey.”