Say goodbye to downing a whole carton of fruit juice in one go

So, downing the entire carton of fruit juice when hungover will soon become a thing of the past, as new guidelines suggest we can only consume one glass of fruit juice a day.  *Sad face*

With concern about the effect that sugar in some fruit juices can have on our health, health officials are warning people to stick to one glass of juice a day.

According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey by Public Health England,  people are consuming unsafe levels of fruit juice and need to keep it in check.

Although chief nutritionist Dr Alison Tedstone believes fruit juice is a good way of getting your “five portions of fruit and vegetables per day” she adds:  “it should only be drunk once a day and with a meal because it can be high in sugar and can cause tooth decay.”

Oh dear, guess we’ll have to find a substitute for apple juice to  help us get over our hangover…