Sad news for Girls Aloud singer


There is sad news for one Girls Aloud singer today as it has been confirmed that Sarah Harding has split from her boyfriend Mark Foster.

According to a source, it seems it was all down to her time on Tumble – a BBC gymnastics competition. Talking to The Sun, they said: ''She has been training for long hours every day for each of her routines and that's left her emotionally and physically drained.

''As training has intensified for the show they have seen less and less of each other over the last few weeks. She has been training twice a day and they have not really had a chance to spend quality time together.''

Apparently, Mark doesn’t like the way Sarah has been “acting” and has found her to be very “tired and very emotional”.

Unfortunately, there was even more pressure added when Mark was unable to go to a number of her shows due to work – he is a music producer.

''The show has left Sarah very tired and emotional which Mark has found hard to deal with. When they have seen each other, Sarah has been tetchy and snappy and Mark has had enough.

''Mark hasn't been able to go and see a number of Sarah's performances due to his own work commitments and that has meant Sarah has felt isolated."

Oh dear, what with Cheryl being all loved up and Kimberly expecting her first baby, we hope she doesn't feel too bad.