Rumours of Justin Bieber’s arrest have been dismissed


Justin Bieber's representatives have dismissed reports that he is facing an arrest relating to a warrant issued in Argentina.

The singer is currently filming in Rome for Zoolander 2 where local police gathered outside his hotel yesterday, causing speculation of an arrest.

Justin and one of his bodyguards were wanted in Buenos Aires this month after failing to return for questioning after an incident on paparazzo, Diego Pesoa, in 2013. 

According to TMZ, Justin experienced a secondary search at customs when he arrived in Italy, after Argentinian authorities notified Interpol of the warrants. 

However, these reports are now thought not to be true and claims it is all "rumours" and the police outside were there in relation to safety issues and crowd control. 

This may not be the end of Justin's problems though, as Italy and Argentina have an extradition treaty.

We just hope he gets to finish filming for Zoolander 2, we can't wait!