Ronan Keating asked to compare his new girlfriend with his old wife


Ronan Keating was in the nation’s bad books after cheating on his wife Yvonne, but it seems he’s put the past behind him and is really enjoying being in love again.

The former Boyzone frontman says that his new girlfriend Storm was a lifesaver: “Storm came into my life when I was lost and I was struggling.

“I was in a very dark place and very lonely. I found Storm and she found me when we were both going through difficult times (Storm had recently divorced), and it’s been incredible. We’re very lucky to have each other.

“We were going through the same thing. She makes me happy and if somebody makes you happy you don’t want that not to be there anymore. You want to feel that way all the time. It’s romantic, it’s wonderful.”

When asked how his new relationship compares to his marriage with Yvonne (an awful question, by all accounts) Ronan thankfully refused to answer: “I’m not going to compare it. Everything is what it is. We make decisions that we’re accountable for; I’m not going to say one thing is better than the other because that’s not fair on anybody.”

Phew! That could have gotten really awkward!