Romantic Date Night: Expectation vs. Reality


Ah, date night. It always seems like a great idea in theory – romance, reigniting that spark, spending quality time together – and yet it never goes quite to plan.

One of you will always be cranky, or too tired, or you'll both be flat-out broke and resentful at the idea of spending any more than a fiver on dinner. 

If you've ever experienced the joy of a date night gone wrong, then some of these might ring a few bells.

Expectation: You'll arrive home early from work with plenty of time for preening and primping before your romantic night.

Reality: Two full busses will pass your stop in a row and you'll arrive home an hour later than usual, soaking wet and full of rage from battling with commuters.

Expectation: You'll be glowing, with perfect make-up and that new dress you got for Christmas.

Reality: You manage to get a streak of fake tan on the new dress and have to swap it out for your old reliable LBD which isn't so reliable after six weeks of shunning the gym. Oops. As for your make-up, well, caking more foundation on over today's make-up is okay, right? RIGHT?

Expectation: You two will enjoy a relaxing glass of wine as you wait for the taxi to arrive.

Reality: He will enjoy a relaxing glass of wine as you run around the house looking for that other high heel. HOW DID IT END UP BEHIND THE TV?

Expectation: You'll arrive at the restaurant in plenty of time and gaze at eachother romantically over a gorgeous meal.

Reality: You'll arrive late and have to hang on for a new table. After an hour's wait for your food, that romantic gazing is getting old fast.

Expectation: You'll feed each other delicious bites of your meals.


Expectation: You'll finish your meal and stroll through the city arm in arm.

Reality: It will be lashing rain and you'll have to beg him for a loan of his hoodie. Request denied!

Expectation: You'll arrive home and fall into bed for a night of amazing sex.

Reality: You'll arrive home and fall into bed snoring after too many glasses of wine. Ah, the romance!