Road trip time!


With the Bank Holiday weekend now upon us, many people will be hitting the roads for a quick trip away.

Here’s how to have fun and stay safe on the roads:

Take a break
We know Ireland is not that big and it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours to get you from one end to another, but make sure you take a break half way. The motorways can get pretty boring and you need to keep your concentration up when driving.

Bring food
Bring food, lots of food. There is something quite adventurous about pulling into a pit stop on the side of the road and having a picnic – well, we think so…

Don’t be the only driver
Seriously, being the only one who can drive can be quite annoying. Make sure at least one other passenger has both a licence and insurance so you can swop and change.

Bring a map
We all have GPS on our phones but what happens when the battery dies? Never thought about that, did you?!

Now go have some fun!