Road Safety: 11 Motorcycle Safety Gear For Women

Road Safety: 11 Motorcycle Safety Gear For Women

Women have made many accomplishments in the past 100 years – and one of them is being able to master driving a motorcycle. However, according to The Dominguez Firm, you should not ride your motorcycle without getting yourself some motorcycle safety gear to protect yourself while driving.

Here are some motorcycle safety gears that have been designed specifically for women:

Jackets – Jackets are very important to avoid getting chilly while you drive fast. But more importantly, they also serve as protection for your arms and torso in case of a motorcycle accident.

Pants – You need to wear pants while riding a motorcycle because it is difficult to do so if you are wearing a dress or skirt. The good news about pants though is that they will also keep you safe from cuts and scrapes from a minor accident.

Boots – These are also important to protect your feet from injury. (They also look cool when worn with your motorcycle jacket). Note that it is very important to choose boots that have velcro straps rather than shoelaces since shoelaces might come loose in mid-ride and entangle with the gears of your motorcycle, causing an accident.

Gloves – Some might think that these kinds of gloves are superfluous. However, if you’ve ever gotten involved in a motor vehicle collision you will know that your hands are possibly at the greatest risk of injury while riding a motorcycle. This is because the front end of the motorcycle is the first part that will feel the impact of the collision.

Motorcycle Helmet – Your helmet for driving a motorcycle is very different from the helmet you wear for less risky activities like riding a bicycle. This is because your motorcycle helmet is crucial for absorbing the shock of sudden forceful impact. So do always invest in a quality motorcycle helmet for your own safety.

Goggles – This often comes with the helmet as one purchase but there may be situations when you would rather buy them independently of each other. The right motorcycle goggles will fit around your eyes and wrap around your head so that no debris will get into your eye to cause you to falter in your driving and get into an accident.

Elbow Guards – Some motorcycle drivers prefer not to use elbow guards because they feel this is too much covering. However, anyone who has ever fallen from a moving motorcycle will tell you that elbow guards are indeed a necessary protective gear.

Shin Guards – This piece of safety gear follows the same principle as elbow guards but is applied to the shin. Your legs are the second-most-at-risk parts of your body after the hands. So do your legs a favor and protect them with shin guards too.

One-Piece Bodysuit – This may be used in place of motorcycle pants and jacket if you want to. This is especially important in winter because you can put on the bodysuit first, with the jacket and pants outside to keep warm. The good part about wearing a bodysuit is that you can flaunt your curves while you drive in the city.

Body Armor – This is something that seems right out of a science fiction movie but there may be times when this is a necessary piece of safety gear. For example, you could be riding fast and get thrown from your motorcycle onto the street. The body armor will protect you from shocks and abrasions – increasing chances of your survival. Hopefully, with body armor, you won’t get severely injured during an accident.

Ear Plugs – One reason that some motorcycle drivers like to wear earplugs is to avoid the constant sound of wind in their ears. If this becomes a problem for you, you either have to get a close-fitting helmet or earplugs. If you must wear earplugs, choose those that will filter out background noise so that you can still hear sirens and cars honking in traffic.

Don’t neglect to wear the right safety gear when you ride your motorcycle. When choosing safety gear, comfort should always be prioritized over style. Cost is another factor to consider because you might not have the funds to buy high-end items right away. Always remember to put reflective markings on your motorcycle and possibly on your safety gear (especially the helmet and torso) so that other drivers will be able to spot you on the road. Drive defensively so that you can react quickly when an accident involving multiple vehicles suddenly happens in front of you. That way, motorcycle riding will remain a fun and adventurous way of travelling to your chosen destination.