Women are actually better drivers than men, according to scientists

Tired of your beau/brother/dad making sexist remarks about women drivers? Us too! Luckily, a study has found that women are actually better drivers.

According to price comparison website Confused.com, women are better and safer on the road. They had a look at driving offences, driving test statistics and insurance claims of both men and women to see who really ruled the road.

The study revealed that even though women tend to take longer to pass their test, they are more careful when driving. Ladies were less likely to be found guilty of driving offences like speeding and ignoring a stop sign.

Men were more likely to commit major driving offences like drink-driving and driving without any tax or insurance. This also meant that women were less trouble with insurers as they weren’t likely to make a claim.

Women may be less confident behind the wheel but that leads to them being more cautious.

This works in their favour, especially as they are less likely to be the cause of road traffic accidents.

Someone’s gender doesn’t determine whether or not they’ll be a good driver, but we’ll happily accept what this study says. 

Remind your other half of this study the next time he is giving you grief about driving too slowly!