Rita Ora is served an embarrassing snub


Given that she has a starring role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, we would have automatically presumed that singer Rita Ora would be all over the soundtrack. But that is not the case, it would seem.

With the official track listing for the highly-anticipated movie released this week, the star’s absence from the soundtrack has been duly noted by fans.

With Rita playing the role of Mia Grey, the sister of the movie’s lead character Christian, this is definitely a puzzler, but even more so because Rita had previously revealed her plans to debut a fresh sound on the record.

Embarrassingly for Rita, however, none of her work made the final cut, with movie bosses snubbing her bid for a highly-coveted spot on the soundtrack.

While a source has put the move down to Rita’s rising fashion star and hectic schedule, others claim that the actions of her ex, Calvin Harris, have sent her music plans into disarray.

After the pair split last year, Harris is believed to have pulled out of a series of planned collaborations with Rita, forcing her to rework her album and delay its release.

While the likes of Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones and Ellie Goulding lined up on the soundtrack, it’s clear that Rita has really missed the boat with this one!