Government to debate legislation on the 8th Amendment today


As May creeps ever closer, the Dáil have added the 8th Amendment to their to-be-discussed list.

Today, the government will discuss the recommendations of the all-party Oireachtas report on the 8th.

Discussions will continue into tomorrow.

It is the committee's recommendation that unrestricted access to terminations should be allowed in pregnancies up to 12 weeks.

The Government have agreed to draft a Bill that would allow a referendum on the Eighth Amendment to take place.

The wording of that bill has not been finalised.

There has not been confirmation as to how the referendum question will be phrased or whether or not the 8th amendment will be abolished in it's entirety should a referendum be successful.

The Taoiseach is said to be awaiting the final wording of the bill before revealing his stance in the issue.