Rebekah Vardy suing Coleen Rooney for libel and slander

Rebekah Vardy is suing Coleen Rooney for libel and slander after their infamous Wagatha Christie drama last year.

Last year, Rooney revealed that Vardy had been leaking stories about her to the press. She discovered that Vardy was the one leaking stories to the media after she created a fake close friends section on her Instagram. Rooney would post fake stories which always ended up in the press. The only other person who could see these stories was Vardy.

Vardy, who was heavily pregnant at the time of the drama, is now taking further action to clear her name. She has now filed High Court papers against Coleen Rooney for libel and slander. It is believed the case will cost approximately £1 million.

According to The Sun, Vardy does not care about money, "It’s a very expensive thing to do and the expectation is costs could run towards half a million pounds for each side but she’s completely determined to clear her name at any cost."

All Vardy wants is to clear her name and for Rooney to apologise for causing so much distress, “Coleen still refuses to agree to an apology, she’s gone ahead with filing the paperwork at the High Court.”

“Becky has made it clear to Coleen that she is deadly serious about clearing her name, and wants a full public apology.”