Reality star SLAMS best friend in foul-mouthed rant

Never one to be a shrinking violet, Katie Price AKA Jordan, spilled her guts on her husband's extramarital affair with Katie's best friend, Jane Poutney, in last night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

And jeez, was it shocking!

Recalling a holiday in which the pregnant Katie caught the pair kissing, the glamour model told her fellow housemates: "I got her f*cking head, f*cking pulled her off the the sunbed, f*cking whacking her going, 'I f*cking knew it, you f*cking wh*re!"

Despite having reconciled with husband, Kieron Hayler, whom she married in the Bahamas in January 2013, the mum-of-five, appeared keen to discuss the events which presumably caused her untold heartache.

Looking surprisingly calm when opening up about the affair, which she learned of in May of last year, Katie filled the other celebs in on even more scandalous deets.

Telling shocked housemates that elements of Kieron and Jane's relationship actually took place under her own roof, the star admitted: "What makes it worse is that she'd come to my house every week and I'd be upstairs bathing my kids and they'd be downstairs sh*gging."

Despite their past, Katie, who has two children with the part-time stripper and builder, longs to add to her brood, having once said that she hopes for "at least seven."

We can only imagine what Katie;s going to reveal next!