Reality star reveals she has cut ties with close friend after feud


Fans of The Only Way Is Essex will be well aware that Ferne McCann and Gemma Collins have not been getting on too well of late.

Now though, it appears the conflict between the two has worsened again. Despite planning to take a break from the show after her traumatic spell in the I'm A Celebrity... jungle, Gemma still chose to appear on the TOWIE Christmas special which airs tomorrow.

Speaking about the upcoming episode in her Star magazine column, Ferne said things had not gone smoothly during filming. "I hope you all enjoy the festive episode this week! I was hoping for a nice relaxed time but there was quite a bit of drama – as usual," she wrote.

In the show's series finale last month, Ferne and Gemma seemed to have put their differences behind them – even sharing a hug on camera.

But the truce didn't last long, according to Ferne. "You'll see why I've decided to wash my hands of Gemma Collins. After all we've been through, and the times I have supported her, I've finally had enough."

The conflict kicked off earlier in the series, when a minor argument about transport on a night out escalated into a shouting match, in which Gemma told Ferne that nobody liked her.

"You've pulled cheap stunts and you're a nasty person," said Ferne in retaliation.

We hope the two can work out their differences in time for Christmas!