Rathmines is the coolest place to live in Dublin, and we can prove it

Rathmines is the first place I ever lived in Ireland.

As a foreigner, I immediately loved the friendly, multicultural atmosphere and the fact that there are so many places to do your shopping, go out for a drink or a bite. 

Actually, after spending two years of my life here, I strongly believe that it is by far the best place to live in Dublin, and here's my reasoning:   

1. Location, location, location


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Rathmines is incredibly close to the city centre yet feels like a little village; 25 minutes walk at most, and barely a few bus stops separate it from Grafton street. 

2. Swan Leisure Centre


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A cheap gym with countless classes, a swimming pool and even a steam room for 30 euros a month. Literally no excuse not to exercise.

3. The Stella Theatre


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The recently reopened cinema shows some new releases as well as classics in the most amazing setting.

Before or after your film, pop into the gorgeous bar upstairs for a delicious cocktail and feel like you are in New York for a minute.

4. Fia


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Technically, Fia is on Rathgar Road, but I choose to consider it a part of Rathmines. This cute cafe offers by far one of the best brunches in Dublin served by the friendliest staff. 

5. The food offer in general


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Hey Donna, Farmer Browns, Two Fifty Square, Manifesto, Little Ass Burrito, Fallon & Byrne, wherever you are looking, there is a lovely affordable place to eat. And we are not even mentioning the Deliveroo options.   

6. The pub scene


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From the young and hip Blackbird to the classic old man pub Slaterry's, Mother Reilly's or Rody Boland, it can actually become hard to pick where to go for a pint with friends. And if you feel like going "out out", Copan is great craic!

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