Radio host saves a suicidal caller from an overdose attempt


Radio host Iain Lee has been praised for how he handled one caller's suicide attempt live on air.

The 45-year-old, who appeared on last year's I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! series, spoke to the man who called during Lee's talkRADIO show on Wednesday and claimed to have taken an overdose.

The caller, was named only as Chris, suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and was on the street during the phone call.

The man was "lying in a street in Plymouth, dying" at the time of the call, and told Lee; "I don't want to die, Iain".

Lee has been open about his own struggles with mental health issues, and has spoken about his suicidal thoughts which he experienced after coming off anti-depressants.

Emergency services worked to track down Chris while he was speaking to Iain, with the radio host at one point saying;

“Shut up, man… I love you. You may want to die, but we can talk about that tomorrow.”

Producers gave emergency services information about the caller's appearance and location, and they discovered the man near a nightclub.

Tensions were high when Chris stopped speaking at certain points, which caused Lee to become worried regarding the caller's safety. 

Lee was audibly relieved when the emergency services located Chris after 27 minutes;  “Yes, brother. The whole country is punching the air. We lost you for about 10 minutes, man.”

The host offered more information the next day in a series of tweets, saying that he thought the man had died multiple times;

The caller became difficult to understand later on in the call, but thanks to Iain, he was found alive and was taken to hospital for further treatment.

We hope that Chris can find the help he desperately needs, and that the phone call can illuminate the fact that people will listen to those who need your help.

Lee shared another update yesterday, writing: "Thanks everyone for your kind words. Been an odd day for so many reasons. I really appreciate your kind words."

Please contact suicide prevention hotlines if you feel in need;

Samaritans emergency hotline at 116 123 (24-hour freephone helpline) or text: 087 260 9090 (standard rates apply)

The free Pieta House 24-hour suicide helpline can be reached on 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444 (standard rates apply).

Aware provides a depression helpline at 1890 303 302. (Irish Association of Suicidology), (the National Office for Suicide Prevention) and are some useful sites for emotional help.