Protecting your skin from the sun this year in Ireland & abroad

As summer is fast-approaching we know we need to properly protect our skin from the sun, but do we really know how to do that? Whether you’re staying in Ireland for the summer months or heading abroad, it is so important to keep your skin safe from the sun's rays.

Did you know that even when it’s not sunny, up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate the skin. Meaning, all year-round your skin needs protecting from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Even in cloudy Irish weather, dermatologists recommend using sunscreen every day. According to an Irish Times survey, 17% of school children do not use sun cream in Ireland, meaning they are completely exposing their skin to potential damage from the sun.

One way to protect your skin all year-round and especially in summer is by using NIVEA SUN. We’ve listed some of NIVEA’s top picks for essential sun protection for you and the whole family to help keep everyone’s skin safe from the sun.

NIVEA SUN Protect Caring Lip Balm SPF 30 (RRP €3.49)

Enriched with Vitamin E and sunflower extracts, this lip balm provides long-lasting moisture while leaving your lips feeling smooth and protected from the sun’s UV rays.

NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion SPF 30/ SPF 50+ (RRP €16.99)

NIVEA SUN lotion provides immediate protection from UVA/UVB rays and is suitable for all skin types. This is definitely an everyday essential to help keep your skin safe.

NIVEA SUN Kids Protect & Care Coloured Roll-on SPF 50+ (RRP €9.99)

This child-friendly colourful roll on is a great way to encourage your children to use sun protection. This handy roll-on provides effective UVA/UVB protection and has an extra water-resistant feature which ensures it will stay on. With a fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula, this fun sunscreen provides effective sun protection in a playful way.

NIVEA SUN Kids Trigger Spray SPF 30/ SPF 50+ (RRP €21.59)

Applying sun cream has never been easier with this quick and easy Trigger Spray. This effective formula is gentle on your child’s skin while immediately protecting them from UVA/ UVB rays. It is also extra water-resistant for children who love to jump in the water as soon as they see it.

NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture Pocket Size Sun Lotion SPF 30 (RRP€6.99)

Reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day is so important so this pocket-sized bottle is super handy to keep in your bag. This lotion provides highly effective UVA/UVB protection immediately to protect against sun exposure and long-term UV-induced skin damage. It’s so important to remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours when spending time outside.

NIVEA SUN After Sun Moisture Nourishing Balm (RRP €9.99)

This balm is ideal to cool and revitalise the skin after sun exposure as it’s formulated with organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluron and Vitamin E. This soothing formula provides 48 hour moisturisation and prevents peeling. It helps to restore sun-stressed skin’s moisture loss in a relieving way. 

NIVEA SUN products are available in pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. For more information, please visit