Problems only girls with big boobs will understand


Don't get us wrong, we love our boobs. But, as larger-breasted ladies will know, dealing with ample bosoms on an everyday basis is like a job in itself.

How to dress them, how to reign them in, how to show them off – it's a delicate art!

Here are a few of the problems you'll identify with if you've been blessed with a chest!

1. Wearing a button down shirt with nothing over it is never an option
Unless you want to show the world your bra through a gaping hole between the third and fourth button. As for buttons popping off – don't even get us started!

2. Buying a new bikini takes at least three hours of back-and-forth to the changing room
"Can I have the bottoms in a 12 and the top in a 16, please? NO, definitely not the bandeau one."

3. A low cut top or dress always runs the risk of looking just a BIT too sexual
Oh V-necks, must you plunge so low?

4. As for backless dresses, they are but a pipe dream.
Ain't no hiding that D-cup bra. We salute Kim K's bravery but we're not sure our washed out bra would look quite so classy!

5. Any time your cleavage is remotely exposed it draws mens' eyes like moths to a flame
Ah lads, come on. Eyes up here!

6. Anything high-necked is an automatic contender for Shelf Boob
"Oh, great. It looks like I have a couch cushion stuffed up my top."

7. Finding a bra that fits is a constant struggle
Too big and it sags, too small and you're looking at a whole lotta Quadboob. Someone really should have warned Britney…

8. Unexpected running is always seriously awkward
Unless your ladies are tucked into a sports bra, that jog for the bus is going to result in some serious boob swinging.

9. You want to take your bra off when you get home, but are always worried someone might call over unexpectedly
"Oh, excuse me while I gather up my low-hanging boobs… I wasn't expecting visitors."