Pro-choicers support calls to name abortion legislation ‘Savita’s Law’


Together For Yes have shared their support to name the new abortion legislation after Savita Halappanavar following her family’s request.

They believe that it would be the perfect way to honour Savita, who died of complications of a septic miscarriage. Savita was denied a termination, despite her request, and was told by a midwife manager at Galway University Hospital that she could not have an abortion because Ireland was a “Catholic country.”

Grainne Griffin, who is the co-director of the Together For Yes group, said: “In terms of Savita and her family I think our country owes them a great debt and we were so honoured and so touched by the support that they lent to the campaign over the course of it."

She added, “I was really glad to see her father say that yesterday they felt they had justice for their daughter."

Following the results of the abortion referendum, which seen the Yes side win by a landslide 66.4 percent, Savita’s parents issued a statement thanking the country.

Her father, Andanappa Yalagi stated that he has "no words to express his gratitude to the people of Ireland."

“I want to thank you so much. I want to say ‘Thank you’ to our brothers and sisters in Ireland for voting Yes. It is very important. There has been really a lot, too much struggle for the Irish ladies,” he added.

“We are really, really happy. We have one last request, that the new law, that it is called ‘Savita’s law’. It should be named for her,” he expressed.

It is understood that Simon Harris is hopeful that the new legislation will be in place by the end of the year.