Prince Harry drunk dialled ex Chelsy


Seems like Prince Harry is like the rest of us when it comes to a few too many drinks; as the London phone hacking trial has revealed today, that Harry often made drunken phone calls to his then girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The trial revealed that Harry would make regular drunk phone calls to Chelsy, when he was out clubbing with his army buddies.

The details of Harry’s late night phone calls were revealed in e-mail from the News of the World, that said; “She gets calls from him and he’s completely not in a good condition…piss ups.”

The e-mail went onto say that Harry would yell “affections to her” on the phone as well.

The phone scripts also revealed that Harry also received prank calls from his big brother  William, where he would put on a female voice pretending to be Chelsy.

One of the messages included: “Hi it’s Chelsy here. You’re the best looking ginger I’ve ever seen…. You big hairy fat ginger.”