Pop star’s ex-accountant said she squandered her money


Rihanna’s former accountant has accused her of squandering her cash on roomfuls of shoes, clothes and jewellery.

The Barbadian singer has been embroiled in a legal battle with accounting firm Berdon LLP for the past two years since accusing them of gross management of her funds.

Rihanna apparently insisted she had $11 million in cash at the beginning of 2009, but an estimated $9 million of this money was mishandled.

But now it seems, one of the firm’s accountants Peter Gounis is biting back by accusing the Rude Boy singer of over-the-top overspending.

Gounis reportedly told the court that the 26-year-old singer squandered her cash on spending sprees and extravagant parties.

If we were young, rich and beautiful, we can’t say we wouldn’t get carried away too.