Pop star releases heartfelt apology video on Facebook


It looks like Justin Bieber is trying to make up for the last year of bad behaviour with some repentance. First on the list – his fans.

Following his appearance on The Ellen Show, where he said he was ‘very nervous’ to be on TV as some of the things he had done lately were ‘no the greatest’ he took to his official Facebook page with a heartfelt video.

In the video, Justin tells his fans that he is not the type of person who doesn’t care about anything – and that he cares deeply what people think of him. He also says that the person he has been over the last year or so is not who he really is: “Often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover up for what we’re truly feeling inside.”

The video has over three million views on Facebook alone so far and was only uploaded fourteen hours ago – wow!

The singer has been in a string of controversies since last year including being arrested in January of 2014.

We wonder what Selena will make of her ex-boyfriend’s public apology? Selena has been linked to DJ Zedd since last month and things appear to be looking up for her love life so let’s hope things stay that way!