Plot twist! SJP is certain the SATC ladies were all in Carrie’s HEAD

If you – like us – were a die-hard Sex and the City fan back in the day, you'll be all too familiar with Carrie's notion that the world revolved around her.

While she may have claimed her friends were her life – or 'her insides' as she once told Aleksandr Petrovsky – it was pretty clear who the New York Star writer put first.

And now it looks like Sarah Jessica Parker has offered an explanation for her character's fairly healthy sense of self.

During an interview on Nerdist podcast, the actress suggested that the three main gals in Carrie's life were nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

"I used to wonder if Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were real. That it’s all for the column."

"They’re such perfectly archetypal characters,” she continued.

“So you’re writing a column about sexual politics and observations of female/male primarily, heterosexual relationships, so you’re picking one type."

Suggesting that Carrie used these imaginary ladies to give her column added authenticity, SJP added: "She is among them because that’s her way of infiltrating story and affecting story too, to have her own actions affect those friendships and document their response."

We've never so much rubbish in all our…oh my God, wait…'her insides'.

Well, that's that then.