Pictures published of these two actors totally NAKED together!


With so many celebs becoming victims of hacking lately, you'd think they'd all be rushing to make sure their steamy snaps are kept private.

Not James Franco or Seth Rogen though, Ohhhh, no.

The Pineapple Express stars were out and about for an afternoon stroll over the weekend and decided to make themselves at one with nature – at least that's what we're assuming happened.

The two BFFs posed for this happy snap, posted on James' Instagram:

Then, took a drive in someone's van:

And finished the day with a boogie (thanks for blurring our the bold bits for us, James – a very professional job, too!):

Now, while we'd love to think this was all just a bit of craic, the captions all reference the words "Naked and Afraid" which happens to be the name of a show on Discovery Channel, on which two strangers have to survive together in the wild… totally nude.

Well, these two aren't exactly strangers but we reckon it would still be worth a watch!