Pics: Mrs Hinch adopts three alpacas for her new family farm


Mrs. Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, has truly taken to farm life as she’s introduced her 4.3M Instagram followers to her three new farm animals.

Taking to Instagram this afternoon, Sophie finally revealed who exactly would be arriving today, after hinting to her followers for days that three new “fur babies” would be moving in.

Now the wait is finally over, and the new arrivals aren’t exactly who we were expecting. No, Sophie hasn’t bought some cattle or sheep or chickens. Mrs. Hinch has adopted three new alpacas, sweetly named Roy, Rodney and Raymond.

“Our new fur boys,” Sophie announced on social media today. “Please meet Roy Rodney & Raymond. I’ve been visiting and watching these beautiful boys grow since they were 3 months old. And now I can’t believe they are home with us.”

“It’s only been a few days but they have made our hearts so happy, all three boys have settled in so well, they have their own little personalities already and I get so excited just to see them, care for them and best of all watch Ronnie & Lennie laugh at them,” Sophie gushed, adding, “My heart feels so full for my family. Welcome home boys, welcome to Hinch Farm.”

Showing off her new alpacas on her Instagram Stories, Sophie shared her two-year-old son’s adorable reaction to seeing the three ‘fur boys’ in his new garden, and it’s absolutely precious!

Photo Credit: @mrshinchhome

Of course it wasn’t long before Sophie’s followers flocked to the comment section to share their surprised reactions, as one follower wrote, “Oh my actual god [crying emoji] I LOVE THEM AND NEED TO MEET THEM.”

“Oh my gosh! I was expecting horses!!!!” another exclaimed.

“Oh Soph they are absolutely adorable, and what great names,” a third sweetly commented before hilariously adding, “my hubby is called Raymond, I will think of them every time I look at him now.”

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Photo Credit: @mrshinchhome