One Direction member gets stroppy on flight


According to reports, Liam Payne flew off the handle after he learned that his flight home from The Virgin Islands was delayed.

The 20-year-old is usually the calm one of the group, confessing that he is the most sensible of the five boys; however, he must have been having a bad day as apparently the Little Things singer “was livid” when his US Airways flight was delayed.

According to a source: “He was tired and grumpy, and just wanted to get home because it was his girlfriend’s birthday. He snapped at officials and started swearing. Everyone was quite taken aback.”

However, 1D fan, Brooklyn Willes, had a great flight as she was treated to a pose from Liam while they waited to take off.

She took to Twitter to convey her gratitude. She tweeted: “@Real_Liam_Payne This flight was upsetting, but thank you for being kind enough to take a picture with me. A gesture I’ll never forget.”

Sharing the photo on Instagram, the young girl wrote: “Don’t even worry I look like complete crap the day I meet Liam Payne. Haha worst 8-hour flight ever turned amazing.”