No time in the morning? Air-dry your hair and still look amazing

Air-drying your hair is SO alluring. All you have to do is grab a towel, give your hair a little, gentle rub and you are out the door. Easy!

Yes, easy but NOT very stylish. After an hour it turns into a frizzy, limp mess with fly-aways and knots all over the place.

But don't give up, you can still have them extra few minutes of sleep in the morning if you use these tips.


1. Not all towels are great for drying your hair. As it turns out, the fibres in most bath towels can leave your hair frizzy and what's worse is that when you wrap it all up, it can pull and break your hair. Using a microfibre towel can cut the drying time in half and you will still have big, bouncy locks!


2. For best results when combing your hair while still wet, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a heavy-bristled one. This way the comb will distribute your locks evenly without interfering with your hairs natural groove. 


3. To make the air-drying experience even quicker, use a detangle spray. The spray will have a hydrating formula which will leave your hair knot free while also minimising frizz. 


4. If you want that beach babe look but have no time to curl or wave your hair, the air-drying technique is your best bet. All you need to do is put in some sea salt spray and it will add a hell of a lot of texture to your tresses. It also dries up oil like dry shampoo! Win-win situation here. 


5. if you're a night-time washer, there are so many options for you. Putting your hair in buns, twists or plaits will give your hair some amazing waves without all the timely styling of a hot tool.