No more fillers? Kylie’s making a BIG change to her beauty regime

They've inspired a painful internet challenge, had a cosmetics range created in their honour, and been the subject of countless make-up tutorials.

But now Kylie Jenner has signalled she could be ready to say goodbye to her plumped-up lips.

Speaking in a new video on her app with make-up artist Joyce Bonelli, Kylie mentions she has been favouring a more natural pout of late.

"You know what’s weird? I’ve been into small lips lately," Kylie says in the clip.

"Like, I want them to look small."

And while we can't see Kylie reverting to her teenage thin-lipped look any time soon, it's true she was rocking a more natural-coloured pout last night, at least.

The 19-year-old was pictured at New York's Soho Hotel for the Balmain X H&M show, which featured her big sister Kendall.

Clad in a show-stopping embellished Balmain dress, Kylie could afford to tone down her lips a little for the night.

And with her black bob making a return too after a series of blonde (and green) wigs, it seems like the reality star is ready to embrace her true self again… at least for a while.