Nicola Coughlan discusses her future sex scenes on Bridgerton

Netflix’s saucy new period drama, Bridgerton, is finally back on our screens again, with Lady Whistledown herself, Nicola Coughlan, opening up about what the future holds for her character, Penelope.

There are many reasons why people adore this beloved period drama, including the exquisite, custom-made costumes and ball gowns, the modern soundtrack, the stunning sets, and of course the raunchy romances.

As the show is based on a series of historical romance novels written by Julia Quinn, fans are already well aware that Penelope’s character has slightly more than a dalliance with the third eldest Bridgerton sibling, Colin, whom the young wallflower has had an infatuation with for quite some time.

Discussing the topic of sex scenes in a recent interview with, Nicola reluctantly revealed that it won’t be long before she and Luke Newton (who plays the character Colin Bridgerton) finally lock lips… and more!

“Oh god, yes, it’s going to happen!” Nicola excitedly confirmed. “We [she and Luke Newton] used to joke about it, really inappropriate jokes, like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we did this when we do it?’ And then as time goes on it becomes more real.”

“Now it’s not funny anymore! Everyone’s like, ‘You’re going to have to kiss Luke! On the lips!’”

Last year it was confirmed by Netflix that the show has been renewed for seasons two, three and four, meaning we have quite a few more episodes to look forward to. With the show continuing to follow the main storyline of the books, we have a pretty good idea of who each series will focus on.

For instance, season one followed Daphne’s romance with the Duke of Hastings and the upcoming second season will see Anthony Bridgerton fall for the feisty Kate Sharma. 

Therefore, going by the books, season three will see the second eldest Bridgerton sibling, Benedict, meet his match and season four will follow Colin in his new romance with Miss Featherington.

When asked when exactly Penelope and Colin will have their first kiss, Nicola commented that she does indeed know, but unlike Lady Whisteldown, she’s keeping this piece of gossip to herself.

Could this mean that Penelope and Colin’s romantic encounter takes place earlier than expected? We can’t wait to find out!

Bridgerton season two lands on Netflix this coming March 25.