Niall’s celeb pal catches him out with epic prank!


Laura Whitmore has got one up on pal Niall Horan, and in the most hilarious way.

The Irish presenter took to her Instagram account in the wee hours to share the evidence of the prank she pulled off on a sleeping Niall Horan and Eoghan McDermott.

Posting a picture of the lads with some, ahem, rather rude scribbles on their faces, Laura wrote:

“Two years ago two boys named Eoghan and Niall went into my home while I was out and into my underwear drawer. Then took pictures wearing my underwear on their head. And tweeted them. It's been a long process but I've finally had my revenge!!”

Good on you, Laura, show those bold boys that you can give as good as you get!

While we just love seeing Laura get one over on the lads, let’s just take a moment to remember the epic photo that started this whole pranking warfare.

A round of applause for all involved, please!