New weight loss soup hits Irish shelves

The HiLo range from Just Food is the first high protein, low fat soup to be marketed in Europe.

These soups are especially aimed at people wanting to lose or keep off weight, active people who wish to consume more protein rich natural food alternatives, and to those looking for a non-dairy protein source.

The range includes Bean and Quinoa, Supergreens and Spiced Thai Veg, offering people interested in a healthier diet an tasty variety.

Cork-based company Just Food began life in 2004 at the Middleton Farmers Market, where Deirdre Hilliard sold soups as a weekend hobby. Deirdre now supplies 100% organic handmade food to hundreds of  supermarkets and restaurants.

These high-protein soups are made from a range of fresh organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, making them perfect for busy women trying to lead healthier lives.