New ‘Aroma Fork’ can make spinach taste like chocolate

If you’ve always wished the Brussels sprouts forced on you every Christmas dinner could taste like something else, now there is a solution.

The AromaFork patented earlier this year uses smell to combine and invest new flavour combinations, confusing your senses.

To use it you just put a drop of scented oil onto the fork, and inhale the smell while eating whatever is on your fork to create an exciting flavour combo. Apparently wasabi and chocolate is one of the best the inventor has discovered.

The AromaFork also has great potential for people with allergies. The scents are all completely allergy free, but could create the sensation of eating peanut butter for the unlucky people who’ve never been able to taste it.

Vegetarians and vegans can also get their meat fix with the animal-free ‘smoked’ scent, which makes whatever you’re eating taste like bacon.

Count us in!