New app allows strangers to judge your outfit choices!

If you’ve ever asked your boyfriend/mum/best friend what they think of your outfit and they’ve said “it looks GREAT” just a little too quickly, you’ve probably been a victim of a carefully chosen white lie.

Much as we all value honesty, sometimes it’s difficult to tell someone that the outfit they’ve been planning for weeks just doesn’t suit them.

A new app promises to take the stress out of getting dressed up for all parties involved. Next time you’re dubious about what your bum looks like in those leather pants, or you’re worried you’ve got too much back fat going on for that strapless dress, you can simply ask any number of strangers worldwide to weigh in with their opinions with the help of Okay Fashion.

All “fashion advisers” are divided up by country and generally need to have some sort of credential such as a marked interest in fashion or a rating from other users. The app itself also recommends certified advisers depending on your location – so you’re not going to end up showing your new dress off to some random creep.

Hmm… we must say we like the sound of this… as long as people don’t get TOO honest! The colour of our dress is an acceptable topic of discussion… but our pasty Irish skin and cellulite? Not so much!