Natural make-up is about not using any cosmetics


Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson, has said that natural make-up is all about not using make-up at all.

The former Victoria’s Secret model, who is spokesmodel for Maybelline, claims the best way to achieve a natural glow is to know where you should and should not use foundation.

Talking to Grazia magazine, the 20-year-old, who has walked the catwalk for the likes of Valentino, Chanel and Alexander McQueen to name but a few, said: “No make-up make-up is as much about where you don’t put your cosmetics as where you do. I’ve learnt to apply my foundation to the centre of my face for the most natural look. As soon as you take it to your temples, jaw line and the sides of your cheeks, it becomes too done.”

However, when you have flawless skin like Frida, who is used to having her make-up done by professional make-up artists every day, you can dare to use your foundation sparingly.

Would you dare to bare?