Must-have hair products for perfect tresses


When it comes to keeping your hair prim and proper, there are a few product essentials that you need.

Here are seven must-have hair items that every girl needs:

Every girl needs some hairspray in her life. Even if you don’t use it every day, it will no doubt come in handy for nights out with the girls.

A good shampoo is essential. Make sure you pick one that is right for your hair type, whether it is thick or fine, greasy or dry.

Even if you have greasy hair you still need conditioner to keep it in tip top condition.

Tonic or oil
A good tonic or oil is perfect for giving your hair some extra TLC.

Heat protection
Even if you don’t use hair styling tools, your hairdryer is enough to dry your hair out so make sure you have a heat protection product to hand. A leave-in spray is pretty good and helps to prevent breakages.

You need some mousse for the days you want curly hair.

Hair repair cream
Get rid of split ends and give your hair some shine with a hair repair cream.