Mulberry CEO resigns following profits warning and low sales


Following the loss of creative designer Emma Hill, it was no secret that luxury handbag company Mulberry were in some difficulty.

Hill was responsible for the rise in sales of Mulberry’s expensive handbags thanks to the likes of the Alexa and Del Ray bags among others.

The designer made the beautiful bags accessible to everyday women, not just the wealthy.

She has not yet been replaced within the company.

The thing about Mulberry handbags was that if a fashionable woman decided she wanted one, she could save for one, they were attainable.

The appointment of CEO Bruno Guillon in 2012 changed this. It was decided the brand would aim for the super-wealthy.

By upping prices and using more expensive fabrics, they alienated their biggest market.

Now it looks as if the brand is paying the price. It was announced yesterday that Guillon would step down as CEO and the company’s chairman Godfrey Davis would take the helm.

Can they save the luxury handbag brand? We hope so!