Happy Halloween: Movie scenes that TRAUMATISED every 90s child

Most of us couldn’t wait for our teenage years when we’d FINALLY get our hands on a few movies with 15-ratings – 18 at a total push – but considering many of us were left traumatised by films actually aimed at children, we don’t actually know what the rush was all about.

From The Witches to Labyrinth, our childhood viewing experience was punctuated by sharp intakes of breaths followed by bloodcurdling screams as we wondered what the hell our parents were thinking popping this one in the VCR for us.

But, it was Friday, it was film night, and we were damned if we were going to bed early just because we couldn’t handle the giant spider Jumanji was throwing at us.

With the night that's in it, here is a brief a run-down of the movies which had SHEmazing staff whimpering into their mam’s crochet throw.

1. The Witches

When the Grand High Witch, played by Anjelica Huston, removed her face and revealed herself for the bald, hook-nosed, hunch-backed creature she truly was, our childhoods came to an official end.

We knew we weren’t in for an easy ride – the clue WAS in the title – but THAT thing? Too much lads, too much.

2. Labyrinth

There are a few amongst us who found David Bowie himself a little creepy, but when it comes to this 1986 flick, it was the Shaft of Hands that scared the beyjasus out of most of us.

They might have said they were helping hands, but their mocking tone of voice and cruel laughter told us all we needed to know about those scaly things.

3. Jumanji

We’ll give them this one – after the success of Mrs. Doubtfire, our parents probably thought they were onto a sure thing with Jumani, but they were wrong….very wrong.

The moment a collect of GINORMOUS spiders – accompanied by the squishiest sound we’ve ever heard – slowing began making their way down a window and across the floor behind Kirsten Dunst’s head, all bets were off.

4. IT the Clown

In fairness, this was one of those movies which we watched when our older cousins – who cared little for our emotional wellbeing – were left in charge for the evening.

And while we may have convinced ourselves we were able to handle Stephen King’s IT, the moment that terrifying circus runaway popped his head through the sewer grate and grinned up at Georgie, we knew we had made a MASSIVE mistake.

4. The Goonies

Regularly – and understandably – touted as one of the greatest kids’ movies of all times, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t find ourselves totally creeped out at various points throughout The Goonies.

From the unremitting drizzle to the lad’s dank surroundings, we were primed for a scare from the get-go, and got it when Sloth and his love of Baby Ruth bars were unveiled.

5. The Princess Bride

This 1987 flick seems to tick all the boxes; romance, fantasy, adventure, comedy… and downright horror.

We are, of course, talking about the moment Westley  – our first movie crush, obvs – fell victim to an enormous swamp rat’s eager jaws.

We can still hear the gnawing at night…