That ol’ Colonel! KFC now want to corner the SUNSCREEN market

Remember when Colonel Sanders and the crew decided they knew as much about manicures as they do about chicken, and launched their very own range of nail polishes?

Well, they haven't stopped there.

According to their Twitter page, the uber-famous fast food restaurant have turned their attention to the world of sun protection,  and in a bizarre turn of events, people are actually all OVER it.

Having released 3,000 bottles of Extra Crispy Sunscreen this week – a product which leaves users smelling like a bucket of the fried stuff – the chicken superstars are now fresh out.

They are FRESH OUT of chicken-scented sunscreen, people.

Considering that very few of us seek to smell like a fast-food outlet of our own accord, we can only assume the public was seduced by the chain's snappy tagline.

Tying in the allure of their original product with the importance of their new one, KFC explained: "Because the only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken."

Oh, you guys!