More… MORE! There are MORE pictures from Kim’s rural shoot

It was the rather bizarre photoshoot that caught our – and the world's – attention yesterday.

And now, thankfully, yet more shots have been released from the current edition of System magazine, which stars Kim Kardashian.

Styled by Kanye West, the photographs have certainly raised eyebrows – with many observers panning them as ridiculous.

Who knew, however, that Ms Kardashian was such a big fan of the great outdoors?

Taken several weeks ago at the sprawlling Château d’Ambleville in northern France, and by famed photographer Juergen Teller, the 34-year-old reality TV star can be seen posing up alongside some farm machinery.

She also lies out in a grassy field, and happily looks out onto the French countryside.

All these photographs, and more, appear in a special pull-out section of System, entitled Kanye, Juergen & Kim.

While fans are normally hugely supportive of Kim's forays into fashion, it seems many have drawn a line this time.

"I am dying of laughter and can't stop. Please I'm begging you no more," said one fan online. "I still can't believe they would release these shots," mused another.

"These photos wouldn't look out of place from 'Naughty Farmers Wives Monthly'. She looks absolutely ridiculous," suggested a third.

Mr Teller is a 51-year-old German photographer who is well known for snapping a host of high-profile names and faces.

He has held numerous exhibitions around the world, and is often behind the lens for designer label adverts. 


Still, System is delighted with the publicity that the photographer and Kimye have now created.

Indeed, with a huge amount of interest from the US (where the publication is ordinarily not available) already, the editors have ordered a larger than normal print run. 

A select few outlets outside of France have also been given a limited number of copies to sell, while from tomorrow the magazine will also be available for purchase from