Modern meets retro: The new Instax is the ultimate millennial accessory

With this generation’s rise of the hipster, old fashioned formulas were given new life.

We saw the resurgence of the vinyl record player, the return of handicrafts and rediscovered a passion for instant photography.

Once the photography form favoured by 70s trailblazers, the nostalgic vibe and physical element to instant photography meant that it was due a comeback in an era that favours experiences over possessions – and documenting those memories in the age of social media is essential.

However, we’re all sick of the throwaway nature of taking a snap on a smart phone, and an instant photo’s permanence and sentimentality saw it surge in popularity once again – and it’s safe to say it’s back for good.

Last week, Drury Buildings played host to an ambient and creative Christmas event for instax, to showcase  their new camera, the instax SQUARE SQ20 to a selection of Irish media and influencers.  Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ6 is making memory conservation a priority – allowing digital natives to capture their happiest moments on real film, but with a modern interface.

Demonstrators floated among the guests, snapping memories and showcasing how, with modern technology, the photographer can take multiple digital images on the SQ20, choose the best one, and instantly print it.

Glass of candycane prosecco in hand, guests witnessed how the instant camera is capable of changing the brightness and exposure of images before they are printed, and how creative the new camera is, with capabilities for double exposure, strobe colour filters and selfie modes.

Attendees on the evening included Irish bloggers, Leanne Woodfull and Niamh O’Sullivan, stylist Corina Gaffey, illustrator Conor Merriman and top Irish models, January Winters and Thalia Heffernan, who got creative with their pictures by using the instax accessories to create frames and scrapbooks for the snaps.

The SQ20, the limited-edition Taylor Swift square SQ6, the firm favourite mini 9, as well as the SQ10 and SQ6 are IDEAL Christmas gifts, and definitely don’t break the bank considering the fact that they are a high-spec piece of photography equipment that anyone can use.

You can check out the full range here.