Milla Jovovich melts the internet’s heart with latest Instagram snap


Milla Jovovich certainly knows how to get us right in the feels, doesn't she?

The Resident Evil star, who gave birth to her second daughter at the beginning of the month, decided to upload the sweetest shot of her two daughters this weekend.

If she was trying to make us coo and then burst into tears at the cuteness of it all, she definitely succeeded.

Sharing a snap of her seven-year-old daughter, Ever, tenderly kissing her brand new baby sister, Dashiel, Milla the made the internet weak and amassed over 30,000 likes in the process!

Captioning the beautiful photo with an even sweeter message, 39-year-old Milla wrote: "The two most special little people in my life. #heaven #sisters #ladiary."

This isn't the first snap Milla has shared of her two little ladies, having taken to Instagram earlier this week to explain the impact her daughters relationship with each other has had had on her life.

Uploading another adorable photo and writing: "Ever Gabo and her baby sister Dashiel Eden. These are the moments where I wish I could stop time for a little. #countmyblessings #luckiestpersononearth #ladiary.", the Ukranian-born actress left us in no doubt that being a mama is what makes her happiest.

It certainly seems like Milla and husband Paul Anderson are over the moon about the new family dynamic.

Keep these snaps coming, Milla!