Microbiologist offers gentle reminder about your towel routine

Let's face it, no one likes doing laundry. It's tedious, it's time-consuming, and it's the reason 'the chair' exists.

And while, thankfully, there are some garments which don't need as much laundering as others, 'the chair' rule most certainly does not apply to everything.

Take bath towels, for example.

According to a microbiologist at the New York University School of Medicine, if you're going to be judicious about any one item in your laundry basket, you need to be judicious about your bath towel.

Speaking to Business Insider, Philip Tierno considers bath towels a breeding ground for germs as they contain all the elements needed for the creation for microbial life: water, warm temperatures, and plenty of oxygen.

As a result of this, Philip advises that we wash our bath towels after every third use, but that's only if it's been left to properly dry after each use. If it hasn't been left to dry, then it's likely to start to smell which is a clear indicator it's crawling with microbial life.

"If there is odour coming from the towel, wherever there is odour, there are microbes growing, so it should be washed," he explains.

As a result of microbial growth, you are likely undoing all your good work in the shower by drying yourself with a towel covered in bacteria.

Common sense would have you throwing your towel into the wash basket on the regular, but it sounds like we all need a little reminding on this front.

"The idea is to be prudent and to be aware," he urges.

Loud and clear Philip, loud and clear.