Michelle Keegan speaks out about having her weight scrutinised


Michelle Keegan has opened up about the pressures of being in the public eye. 

The stunning former Corrie star was speaking to the Daily Star when she described how constantly being scrutinised can really take its toll: “I do feel under pressure. If I lose weight I’m too skinny and if I put on a few pounds people are quick to point it out. You can never win.

The star, who is set to be married to fiancé, Mark Wright over the next few months, also spoke about how issues like this can affect girls: “It used to affect me more a few years ago, whereas now if I’m feeling good in myself that’s all that matters. I think a lot of girls are under pressure and that is quite sad.”

We’re glad that she has found a way to ignore the haters and scrutinisers – there is no way it’s easy being in the public eye!

Surprisingly, Michelle also said she isn’t a fan of today’s “selfie” culture: “It’s scary. I don’t like the obsessive selfie culture, I really do feel sorry for kids these days.”

Don’t stop the selfies Michelle, we love them! Especially adorable ones like this!