Megan McKenna and the TOWIE girls are NOT mixing well again

Megan McKenna has certainly made a few waves since entering reality TV show TOWIE, and after her spat with Kate last week, another cast member has had it out with her.

Megan found herself in the centre of more rows this week as she came to blows with cast favourite, Chloe Lewis.

The girls decided to go on a country break, and after a few bottles of vino, proceeded to play Never Have I Ever (and we all know that never ends well).

Megan and Chloe L were joined by Georgia Kousoulou, Lydia Bright, Daniella Armstrong, Courtney Green, Chloe Meadows and Bobby Norris, and during the drinking game, everyone was left in shock.

It all started by Chloe L saying: "Never have I ever slept with someone's boyfriend," and then confronts Megan over a rumour she heard.

Megan hits back by saying: "I haven't slept with Jake, Chloe!" …And then it really kicked off. 

"Well something has happened between you.. you kissed him? If I am honest what I have heard of you I don't like, that you sleep about and you're trashy," said Chloe.

"You don't know me, I have had boyfriends the whole time. You're calling me a slag but I could count the boys I have slept with on my left hand. Who do you think I have slept with?" Megan asked.

"Jake!! You're not my mate, I don't like you!"

Oooh, we can't wait to see everything that goes down!

Images: ITV