McFly are releasing brand new music this week & we’re so ready

Galaxy Defenders, McFly are back and we couldn't be happier.

The band are releasing new music this week and we may be a little too excited about it!

The All About You singers are releasing new single Happiness on Thursday, July 30. The song is from their brand new album Young Dumb Thrills and has been described as having a “festival vibe".

Speaking about reuniting, the band told BBC about their new record: "There's that hands-in-the-air feeling about it like when you're drunk or you're having a barbecue."


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"You can put it on and your kids will dance to it, your wife will dance to it, your granddad, everybody. Even the lads can get involved, the football crowd. I could really hear it on the Fifa soundtrack."

Fans can look forward to another hit similar to All About You as well as "really heavy or slightly emo, with big cheesy power ballads and really weird and quirky ones, too", according to lead singer Tom Fletcher.

The band's album Young Dumb Thrills comes almost a decade after their last album was released. 

He added, "What we really needed was a break to realise how much we needed McFly. But the truth is McFly totally defines who we are. It's in our DNA."