Matt Le Blanc gives Friends fans the best gift ever

All this talk of Friends reunions has had us waxing nostalgic of late, so thank God Graham Norton did something to satisfy us this weekend.

The presenter had the pleasure of counting Friends star Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey Tribbiani, among the guests on the latest episode of his show, and he decided to milk the appearance for all it was worth.

Revealing that there is a die-hard Friends fan among the Graham Norton Show crew, the Irish presenter used the fan's expert knowledge of the classic comedy to delight viewers – and to mortify Matt while he was at it!

While Joey wasn’t known for his singing abilities in the show, he did have a number of memorable little numbers, and the hilarious Graham decided to put him on the spot to give us a rendition.

The results will warm the cockles of every Friends fan’s heart.

Check Matt out in action in the video below.