Magazine Photoshop Selena to make her look gaunt


Well, this makes a change. 

Usually, magazines are accused of photoshopping stars to make them appear better and to get rid of any flaws, but not this time! 

In Touch magazine have been accused of altering one of Selena Gomez’s Instagram photos to make her look gaunt and tired to match their “Selena Back to Rehab” headline.

The true image is one in which Selena is looking over her shoulder while showing off her new tatto. However, in the new and clearly altered image, Selena is looking straight at the camera.

Black bags and tired eyes have been given to the singer, to make her appear as if she needs to go back to rehab.

It's such a shame, as the original photo is so pretty. We’re sure incidents like this won’t help Selena as she tries to heal herself after a difficult few months.